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Need a new car!

So I have this new cool job. The company is pretty dam cool and its full of young, passionate people. There's only one problem: I live 32 miles away from the office. These 32 miles are also comprised of a mix of open highway speeding and open highway parking depending on which bit of road I'm on. (Hwy 78->I285->GA400) I285 is a mess at any time of day and anyone who lives in Atlanta will understand my plight. I don't mind the drive but my current car does.

I have a 2001 Acura CL Type-S that has decided that it does night like my new commute. This car has been with me since 02 and has followed me from Atlanta to NYC, and back to Atlanta again over our 10+ year relationship. I love this car. I really love this car. I'm just tired of all of the warning lights popping up. There are many reoccurring squeaks and rattles that come with this old of a car. I'll give this car to my mom after I fix up some small issues and begin looking for my new car.


My first choice would be an E39 M5, preferably an 02 or 03 LeMans Blue. I loved my 01 540 Sport and would love to upgrade to the big daddy E39. An Acura NSX is quickly moving out of my price range. I did read about the 2003 Audi RS6 the other day and it does intrigue me. I want it to be a fun ride. Something to make my commute worth it. I realize that the choices so far have well documented maintenance issues and I can handle that. I love European cars but am not opposed to US or Asian cars either. Would prefer RWD or AWD.

Budget up to $25K

What say you interwebz?

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