I miss my 2003 E39 540iA Sport 6MT. Almost an M5 except for the engine. The most fun and rewarding car I've ever owned. Driving was a thrill every time. Those $100 oils changes were annoying but worth it since I wouldn't change oil for around 8,000 miles. The oil filter housing cap kept cracking. I actually found… » 7/03/14 11:35am 7/03/14 11:35am

I love my WEC app. I paid to get access to live qualifying and the race feed for every race except LeMans. You get to choose whether you want to have that access in the App or on your PC. you do not get both for the price you pay. I chose my pc as it made more sense for me to plug my laptop into my HDMI. I was… » 5/29/14 2:19pm 5/29/14 2:19pm